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Undetected COD Modern Warfare / Warzone Cheat | Aimbot | Smoothing | Customizable Features

Our goal is to keep the cheat as safe as possible , nothing fancy. For the best experience , users should try to avoid reports and insanely high statistics.


Undetected EFT Cheat with Silent Aim | The Only Safe Cheat That Can Beat Speed Hackers

Farm Efficiently Using Our Remove Weight Limit Feature

Use our Highlight features such as Unlock doors, SpeedHack Without Worrying About Bans!


Undetected DayZ Cheat | Supports Both Official & Modded Servers 

Raid Bases Using Aimbot | Loot Faster With Item ESP | Identify Enemies and Friends With Player ESP  



StreamProof | Undetected For over 12 months | Aimbot | Wallhack

Auto updates for game patches | Our undetected R6 cheat offers Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack and More


    Our undetected EFT hack offers, Silent Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack, Infinite Stamina, No weight limit and More!

    Undetected since release, not a single user banned since released in late April. 

    This EFT hack is stream proof, and auto updates if there is a game patch.

    • Supported OS: Win10 1803 1903 1909 2004
    • Supports FullScreen : Yes
    • Stream Proof : Yes
    • Supported CPU : Intel & AMD 




    • Player/NPC ESP
    • Distance ESP
    • Player Names ESP
    • Boxes ESP
    • Individual Bone damage ESP (Color change when damaged) (Highlight Feature)
    • Corpses ESP
    • Health Bars
    • Head dot 
    • Exit points ESP


    ITEM ESP :

    • Item Distance ESP
    • Item Price ESP
    • Item Price range config (show high price items according to settings)
    • Mission Items ESP (Highlight Feature)


    AIMBOT (Automatically Identifies and Exclude Teammates): 

    • Safe Silent Aim (Highlight Feature)
    • Silent Aim FOV
    • Silent Aim Range 
    • Aimed Bone
    • Aimbot Key



    • Remove Weight Limit (Highlight Feature)
    • Infinite Stamina (Highlight Feature)
    • Speed Hack (Highlight Feature)
    • Unlock Doors/Boxes/Cases (Highlight Feature)





  • What's so special about HackProvider's Escape From Tarkov Hack?

    Our EFT hack is one of the most secured cheat program in the industry.

    • After the 0.12.6 patch release, we are one of the only EFT hacks that are still undetected. BE and BSG released a Ban wave right after the patch. More than 4000 Escape of tarkov cheaters were banned from the game. However, none of our users were banned and we still remain undetected over 9 weeks. 

    Our EFT hacks include all the nice features such as Aimbot and ESP / wallhack

    • We offer the BEST features for undetected EFT hacks. For example, Silent Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack, Player Bone ESP, Item ESP, Health ESP, Item ESP, Value of Loot, and much more. The features in our EFT cheat are very customizable. 

    HWID SPOOFERS are also provided at Hackprovider.com. Never need to worry about HWID bans with HP HWID SPOOFER.

    • Our hwid spoofer removes all HWID bans from BE protected games such as Escape From Tarkov, Rainbow Six Siege, DayZ, ArmA3,PUBG, Fornite(BE), and more. 
    • Our hwid spoofer also removes  Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, Call Of Duty Warzone, CoD Shadow bans and HWID Bans.
    • Our hwid spoofer will also be supporting Valorant, Fornite EAC. RUST in the coming updates. 

    Our EFT Hack always auto updates for game patches 

    • There is hardly any downtime for our Escape of tarkov cheat program!
    • If there is downtime, users will be compensated 100%. Users will get to use their full length of their subscription. 
  • test.png?width=1293&height=704

    Escape from Tarkov Aimbot

    • Aimbot is one of the most important features in first player shooting games. It allows players to gain a great advantage over their enemies, and could potentially save players from very dangerous gameplay environments. 
    • We not only offer aimbot for our EFT cheat, we offer the supreme version of Aimbot - Silent Aim. Silent Aim, also known as, bullet tracking, magic bullet, allows players to not lock on to enemies when firing their weapons, but allowing players to hit the target with the bullets they fired as long as they are with they players field of view.
    • Your bullet will automatically hit the target where it hurts. With our customizable features, you can choose where the bullet hits the target, such as, Head, Neck,Pelvis,Right Arm, Left Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg etc. 
    • The silent aimbot helps with accuracy of shooting by 200%. You wont miss any shots as long as the enemy is within shooting range. You can adjust the range by changing the largest shooting distance on the EFT hack menu. Your shots cannot fire through buildings , but can track players as long as they do not have any cover over where you choose to shoot at. 
    • With our Esacpe of tarkov aimbot, you will not need to worry about recoil or sway from the weapon. The bullet automatically goes to the target. You will be able to hit the enemy no matter what. 
  • unknown.png?width=1290&height=704

    Escape from Tarkov ESP/WallHack

    • Our EFT cheat has very clean and useful ESP for players. 
    • Player ESP inlucdes, Bone ESP, Health ESP, You can also see how bad each part of the enemies body is damaged by the change of color on their Bone ESP. The more a body part is damaged , it turns red. If the part of the body is not damaged, the bone color is green. If it is slightly damaged, the bone color is yellow. This allows users to identify the health status of enemies and change their battle strategies accordingly. 
    • Item ESP includes all items in Escape OF Tarkov. Users can filter the items with our price filter ESP feature. If they only want high price items to be shown, users can raise the lowest price shown items to a specific amount to that the junk and useless items are filtered out and not show in the Item ESP.
    • Extraction Point ESP, this is a great life saving feature for all new players. New players tend to loose a match by dying in the Tarkov not being able to escape. The reason is because they cannot find the extraction points on the map due to being a new player. With HackProvider's EFT cheat, new players will not have this problem anymore. Users will always be able to extract safely with the looted items in their bags ! Missions and quests are no longer a headache. 
    • Corpse ESP. Personally I love this feature. It allows users to see where the dead players bodies are when they are killed. By using our silent aim feature, enemies usually die a distance away from us. Without this feature, it would be very difficult to located where the dead players/bots loot is. Corpse ESP allows users to maximize their gain for each match. With the help of Item Price ESP as we mentioned above, we can loot effectively by collecting the most valuable items on dead players/bots corpses. 
  • Escape From Tarkov Hacks and Cheats

    Popular Feature : No Weigt Limit and Infinite Stamina

    These are one of the most popular features in our EFT cheat. Since the new 12.6 patch just released, many players just started getting back into the game. They need to farm their way up and fill their stashes with good loot and rubles to trade for good weapons and bullets. Escape from tarkov is a heavily modded game which allows players to craft and mod their weapon according to their own liking. Since modding will need material, being able to farm the maps is extremely important. Hackproviders EFT hack allows players to carry as much loot as their backpacks can fill up without needing to worry about the weight limit on characters. This is a safe feature and all customers can use it with out worrying about the feature being risky. Moreover, once players have filled up their backpacks, they would want to move to the extraction points as soon as possible and extract while being safe or else they would loose everything including their own gear on the character. HackProvider's EFT cheat offers the feature infinite stamina which allows users to run without needing to take a break due to the character being tired. Users would have infinite stamina so they can keep running until they reach the safe zone.  

  • Escape from Tarkov Wallhack

    Escape from tarkov wallhack allows users to predict enemies movements by seeing them through buildings, trees and different environments. While enemies are not able to spot the user. It gives our users great advantage over sneaking up on enemies and making raid plans on groups. Users will always be prepaid for any kind of surprise attacks with EFT wallhack. 

  • Why should you buy EFT hacks on HackProvider?

    • First of all, We ARE NOT RESELLERS. We are the ORIGINAL  DEVELOPER of this Escape From Tarkov Hack. We know our product inside out. Therefore if you need any help running the cheat, we can provide professional assistance for you. 
    • Secondly, we do not charge an insanely high prices for EFT cheats. Resellers would need to profit from their buy in price. However, we offer our products are the most reasonable prices while maintaining the highest quality.
    • Latstly, our websites have detailed tutorials, and tutorial videos for the EFT Hack. We teach our users step by step on how to setup their PCs to use the hack, and walk users through on how to run the cheat program itself.

    We are dedicated to offer the best support for our customers needs. Feel free to contact us any time if you have a question.


  • Reviews From Our Customers


    Eft Review

    By Toubo, 06/02/2020 in REVIEWS

    I dont know what i can say this Cheat is not amazing its not good it is from a another world! it is so heavy Esp 10/10, Silent aim 10/10 Support 10/10 and .. it is 10000/10000 Safe! this cheat is not from this world i dont know if it von battlestate himself but this is heavy, guys please let us many years fun with this ! 😄 



    EFT all satisfied | GIF demo

    By jjaa23, 05/22/2020  in REVIEWS

    It is used by me and 5 of my other friends. .

    Most are all satisfied

    More than anything, The overload limit is a big advantage. can carry more item than weight limit.

    ESP Performance 10/10 ☑️

    Aimbot Performance 10/10 ☑️



    By 22132ws, 05/28/2020 at 03:31 AM in REVIEWS

    So yeah like the title says, this is not a cheat that you will regret getting, ive originally bought through reseller and they sold for triple the price. I looked around and googled KIURI EFT , and I finally found HACKPROVIDER. 

    I was more than happy to pay for another week of the cheat, and so far and ive had no trouble with the cheat or the staff. 

    Hackprovider is the original coders of KIURI EFT so i could get very good customer service here. Any issues i had were sold quickly. I was very satisfied with their service. 
    Overall, It has been a real pleasure to use this cheat
    The Silent Aimbot is 10/10  , its perfect. I can even rage without getting banned. My KDR is 40+LMAO. I cant wait for the wipe to start using this cheat in the new session !
    ESP was also very satisfying, LOVE the price ESP for items . I can filter the high price items to show only.  honestly on a scale of 0 to 10 it deserves a 15/10
    I would recommend this everyone who wants some high quality cheats, to buy from hackprovider. 


    This EFT hack is safe. I AM SO LUCKY.

    By Hensert05/31/2020 at 07:51 AM in REVIEWS

    My buddies and I are using different cheats. They bought some other cheat called FX, it’s not  from Hackprovider. Although their cheat had more OP features like unlock doors without keys and all that, but when I joined their discord, theyre staffs unprofessionalism stopped me from buying their cheats. They couldn’t even answer my questions properly... I choose to look around and finally after chatting with the customer support via the HP livechat bubble, I  purchased here at Hackprovider. 
    (Heres the best part of my review) Last night, while  we were playing, all of my buddies got banned !  I was the only one that didn’t get banned. 🤣 I feel so lucky.


  • Why choose HackProvider Over Other Cheat/Hack Sellers? 

    • We are the original developers of all cheats , hacks and tools sold on our website. We offer the most professional customer service to all users. If there is something you do not understand about the cheat or have any problems while using the cheat, we can help you solve your problem right away without any hassle.
    • The HackProvider Team is dedicated to deliver the best product while also being stable and staying safe. Our cheats have an auto-updating system that guarantees minimal downtime. However if there is downtime due to a large game update or other reason, we always compensate our users the time they lost on their subscriptions. 
    • Your subscription time starts when you activate your license key on the software running on your PC. NOT from the time you purchased the subscription itself. This is to ensure that no customer will loose any subscription time if anything comes up after purchasing. 
    • We offer 24/7 Support in our discord channels and a LiveChat feature on the website during our business hours. We are here for customers if they have any questions.  Our staffs are super friendly and would love to help customers solve their problems. Our professional technical support team in our discord channel is there to help customers when they have issues running the cheat/hack program and provides 1 vs 1 debugging service if something is not working properly for the user. 
    • We value the feedbacks and opinions from our customers. . We care about our users and we love getting suggestions from the community. Our cheat is improved based on our users requests and feedback surveys created by community members. 
    • We have been working in the cheat industry for over 5 years. Throughout time, we have proven ourselves to always stand behind our products and live up to our users expectations. We provide the industry's safest cheats and experienced very few detection. In most projects, there are no detection at all. We managed to keep ourselves 1 step ahead of anti-cheats through our daily maintenance of our products, auto updating for each game patch, and always keeping our cheat status page in sync with the software's live status.

    Ready to join us now? You can start from purchasing down below ! 


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    • Please join the vip discord for assistance 
    • Hello, is here much required for a shadow bann remove? i am interested in becomming a member if we don't have to  re-install windows
    • Glad I could assist you. Nothing makes me happier than seeing our customers enjoying our cheat.  Have fun ! 🤗
    • I use to buy from different provider for 13 usd a day and got banned every week. I was shadow banned and could not find a way to bypass the shadow ban.  THEN I FOUND HP . I got the spoofer and a monthly sub to join the vip discord, and i have to say they offer absolute AMAZING customer service.  PHP helped me personally to SUCCESSFULLY REMOVE MY SHADOW BAN and helped me get the cheat working.  So far I have 2 days left of my COD sub and I will 100% resub again.  IM LOVING IT. A++ SERVICE & A+++++ PRODUCTS. 
    • ❤️ Thank you so much for the kind review.  We are happy that you are enjoying our best selling product. Hope that you grinding a lot gear in EFT 😄
    • Welcome to our community 😄 Glad that you joined us. 
    • Do not hesitate and do not look elsewhere you will never find a service like this.  the H @ ck is super easy to use and set up.  once you have purchased the h @ ck you have a team available in discord to help you put everything in place and answer all your questions.  thanks to all the team from hackprovider you are number 1.
    • Hello, I purchased this cheat a few days ago and all i can say: Awesome! Aimbot: It is just perfect, you can adjust everything you need for your playstyle and it works smooth and looks legit. Player ESP: Works Perfect, you need nothing more. Item ESP: Easy and powerful at the same time.  I can not say anything about the security, because i don´t know anything about those things, but there is an easy to use instruction for the Cheat and once you need the Support they will responce very quickly and friendly.   When you were ever interested in an Hack for games, you are damn right to come to this site.
    • Thank you for your support! We are always glad to see a new member join our community. See you around 😁
    • i have not found a better hack!! i have used many other hacks and have gotten banned or they dont really run well with my computer. this !! this right here this is the shit... this is the future!!!  easy to use straight forward and with the auto update you don't need to worry about getting banned the status is always up to date unlike many other sites where it may take hours to update they are on there A+++++++ GAME <3 you have gained my loyalty 
    • Im glad you got everything working in the end 😄 Our staffs are always here to help our customers if needed . Have fun with the cheat ! 
    • Was getting blue screened .What.... Not a problem for these guys!!!!  They are extremely fast and very helpful he didnt stop until i was using the program.....i wish i could leave a donation for how helpful he was.......  
    • Thank you so much for your recommendation , we appreciate your support. We will always be providing high quality cheats at affordable prices for our customers. Enjoy ! 
    • Thank you for your review, we are always happy to provide assistance to our customers when they need it. Enjoy! 
    • both of these products work fine and i have no regrets in buying it. HWID spoofer works fine for evading HWID ban on escape from tarkov. The COD hack works aswell and the support were extremely helpful in getting me going with the hack as i had trouble with setting it up. Overall, very good hacks and great support.
    • so im using the dayz client almost for a month didnt get banned even when its sometime obvious and also great staff team aswell if u call for help they are directly there for you really recommend this cheat provider give the best cheats for not to high price 10/10 would always buy my cheats here
    • Thanks for the kind review. Im glad you are having fun with our cheat 😄
    • I dont know what i can say this Cheat is not amazing its not good it is from a another world! it is so heavy Esp 10/10, Silent aim 10/10 Support 10/10 and .. it is 10000/10000 Safe! this cheat is not from this world i dont know if it von battlestate himself but this is heavy, guys please let us many years fun with this ! 😄 
    • Thank you for your review @Dislike - Your review helps others decide what is right for them. Welcome to HP and see you around 😁
    • I bought COD kiuri hack for like 6.50. To be honest thats quite cheap compared to the other COD cheats I bought in the past. I thought well maybe i ll give this a shot since their videos were quiet cool.  At first I would say I was a bit confused with the setup process. They do provide tutorials and tutorial videos for each step, but its still a bit overwhelming for me so i decided to ask for help.  After being approved to the vip discord,  their support staffs were super helpful and helped me get everything working.  They walked me through each step, and when i could not understand the instructions, they would help me over teamviewer.  I was very surprised that they responded so quickly since they are a pretty big community.  After I got the cheat working, I would say that the product is worth every penny charged. The aimbot is so good. I am using a spoofer to prevent getting shadow banned , but I dont even think its needed when im using this hack. Its very customizable and I can adjust where the aimbot hits on the targets body. I really enjoyed this CoD hack. I will be getting their month key tomorrow. I hope they offer lifetime keys in the future so i dont need to come and repurchase every now and then.  Overall, great community. Super excellent support and absolutely amazing cheat. Would definitely recommend. . 
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