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  4. works great but I just picked up a global ban...… I loaded back in after a restart with it on and then backed out midway thru and then was banned about 2-3 hours later.. that's the only thing I can think of because my server was pretty empty all day and I only killed 1 player but a lot of zeds at 1 time with the help of the aimbot or murder key under misc
  5. ORDER DETAILS STATUS Payment completed EMAIL [email protected] ORDER ID 9a390f9e-ae1e-4f30-af9a-7fa054233cd2 CREATED AT
  6. STATUS Payment completed EMAIL [email protected] ORDER ID e2fe182c-bfed-4c6a-bcca-2477a48867f8 CREATED AT
  7. STATUS Payment completed EMAIL [email protected] ORDER ID e2fe182c-bfed-4c6a-bcca-2477a48867f8 CREATED AT
  8. did all the PC settings .... what's wrong?
  9. Please check announcements, the sever rolled back a few days ago causing us to loose some customers accounts. You will still be able to access the loader and use the cheat since you already registered the key with a username. Just login with the username you registered and it will work. We will upgrade your account back to vip
  10. Exactly like Patience said you are hwid banned and must use a spoofer or you will get banned even without cheating. I’ve mentioned more than once in zulip to USE A HWID SPOOFER IF YOU HAVE BEEN BANNED. If you choose not to listen and act like a retard and blame us when you didn’t follow our instructions then I don’t think you are fit to be our user because we don’t like to deal with retarded customers.
  11. Send a screenshot of your purchase receipt from when you purchased to [email protected] , and I will upgrade back your account to vip so you can download the loader. You can still use the username that you registered on the loader to login and inject the cheat. The purchase disappearing from “my purchase” doesn’t effect your use of the cheat itself
  12. You can still login with the loader with the username you registered. The website was rolled back a couple days since I upgraded the server.
  13. Earlier
  14. Your credit is redeemed , now just go buy the cheat when we restock it
  15. There’s a new loader , learn to read the announcements In the chat box or join zulip the community chat
  16. how can i buy it or restock time
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