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  1. This tracking aimbot is crazy good. I can’t believe I only found this hacker today!! Where did you go for before months?? I pay alot money to buy China hacker. MC YTS WR BL all eft hacker, all banishment. I lost much much money. Very unhappy , I was going to leave the game never play again. But I try this cheat and It become my hope ! I can kill fast run hacker 1 shot ! Very TMD happy! I play for 1 week now, account no banishment, ok , very safe. GOOD JOB !THUMBS UP 👍
  2. OVERALL RATING 10/10 THE CHEAT IS FLAWLESS , BEST CHEAT ON THE MARKET Undetected Rate 10/10 i have used the cheat for almost a year now. My account is still not banned. I have played over 3k hours (PVP+PVE) and my account is still safe features 10/10 The aimbot is so good. I have no complaints. All headshot rates (because i rage like hell and since the cheat is so safe i dont give a fuck xd) In game experience 10/10 I can adjust many settings in game. I can change the ESP into any color I want. The cheat basically just offers everything I need. No lag, No FPS drops. Its perfect. Support 9/10 I dont need support. To be honest the cheat is very easy to set up if you just read the instructions. I hear people say that admins reply slow sometimes so im giving support an 9 . Also the 9 is due to them using zulip and not discord. But hey , i cant blame them. Zulip isnt that bad i guess since it works similar to discord.
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