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  1. I bought the Division2 hack today. I was recommended by my friends who’s been using this hack for a long time. They told me it’s undetected for over 1 year so I decided to give it a try. So first of all, my friends and I had a wonderful time playing with the Td2 hack today. The hack program itself is great, I don’t have any complaints. Everything works as intended, and features do match their descriptions on the website. My FPS is not effected by the hack ESP, and the hack works while the game is running fullscreen (big bonus point). Another thing I like about this hack is that they offers short term subscriptions for new customer. Thus, new customers aren’t FORCED to buy a subscription for a FULL month without knowing what they’re getting themselves into. However, I do have some thoughts that I hope the developers can take into consideration: 1. Old HP members might not notice this but honestly I think the loader is NOT new-user friendly. It’s quite confusing if you don’t know what you are doing. You have to manually type the command in the loader in order to register and to login. Maybe it’s better to use a simple key check system where as users can just enter the key and their subscriptions would be activated? I’m sure this would be much more easier for new users. 2. I’m pretty sure most new users, just like myself , would run into a few issues when we run the hack for the first time. However the tutorials does not provide any information about the error codes. I think a debug tutorial would be very helpful for new users when staffs are not available to help. That way we don’t have to waste our time waiting for staffs to be online to help solve our problems. I am looking forward to try out Hackprovider other hacks once my Division2 subscriptions runs out. I hope they are as good as the TD2 hack.
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