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  1. Please join the VIP discord for tech support
  2. This section is for trading only. If you need help , please click the live chat popup
  3. The cheat is available in stores now.
  4. Glad I could assist you. Nothing makes me happier than seeing our customers enjoying our cheat. Have fun ! 🤗
  5. Since your name is still blue, I assume you went through a reseller that doesn’t gives you store credits. If you didn’t get store credits and bought through a reseller that actually gives you the product, you should ask for their support. I’m sure they are happy to help you
  6. ❤️ Thank you so much for the kind review. We are happy that you are enjoying our best selling product. Hope that you grinding a lot gear in EFT 😄
  7. Welcome to our community 😄 Glad that you joined us.
  8. Thank you for your support! We are always glad to see a new member join our community. See you around 😁
  9. Im glad you got everything working in the end 😄 Our staffs are always here to help our customers if needed . Have fun with the cheat !
  10. Thank you so much for your recommendation , we appreciate your support. We will always be providing high quality cheats at affordable prices for our customers. Enjoy !
  11. Thank you for your review, we are always happy to provide assistance to our customers when they need it. Enjoy!
  12. You either pay with crypto, or you contact one of our store credit resellers to buy store credits with paypal/wechat/alipay.
  13. HP ADMIN

    Eft Review

    Thanks for the kind review. Im glad you are having fun with our cheat 😄
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