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  1. I want to sell EFT RU region STANDARD game activation codes you need Russian region vpn to run the game, once you are in game, you wont need Vpn anymore and can play in any other servers. Price per code : $20 USD My contact info : TG: Ling889 Please vouch for me here if we have traded. Thanks
  2. This tracking aimbot is crazy good. I can’t believe I only found this hacker today!! Where did you go for before months?? I pay alot money to buy China hacker. MC YTS WR BL all eft hacker, all banishment. I lost much much money. Very unhappy , I was going to leave the game never play again. But I try this cheat and It become my hope ! I can kill fast run hacker 1 shot ! Very TMD happy! I play for 1 week now, account no banishment, ok , very safe. GOOD JOB !THUMBS UP 👍
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