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  1. Thank you for your review @Dislike - Your review helps others decide what is right for them. Welcome to HP and see you around 😁
  2. Welcome all! We are now accepting OSRS GP for Keys on our Software Subscriptions. This enables the community who may not use PayPal, or any payment processing gateway. We accept OSRS GP for all Software Subscriptions, However, Below are the current rates: The rate is as follows: 1M OSRS = $0.65 LIFELINE 1 Day Key for Lifeline = 9M OSRS GP. Weekly Key for Lifeline = 63M OSRS GP. Monthly Key (Based on 31 Days in a Month) = 252M OSRS GP. KUGO 1 Day Key for Kugo = 10M OSRS GP. Weekly Key for Kugo = 70M OSRS GP. Monthly Key for Kugo (Based on 31 Days in a Month) = 280M OSRS GP. If you are interested, Please Join HP Official Discord Send Gaz#5174 a PM with what you are looking for, and we will help get you sorted out! Many Thanks, HackProvider Team --------------------------------------------- Rates are Subject to Change at anytime, You will be quoted the most up to date rates on the day you request a key.
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